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T-shirts for men

Almost every man wears it every day: a white T-shirt. The basis of almost every outfit. When you think about it, it is special that we take a white T-shirt from the closet without thinking about it, while we are a lot more picky about which shirt color we wear with which jeans and which belt goes well with those shoes. And that actually makes a lot of sense. A white T-shirt is all about one thing: wearing comfort. We explain here that our basic white T-shirts for men are actually not that basic at all.

The durability of our white T-shirts

Just as a white T-shirt is not the first thing you think of when you think about a good clothing style, the durability of the T-shirt is also not the first thing that comes to mind. And sustainability not only has something to do with the country and the conditions in which the white T-shirts are made, but also with the Durability of the T-shirt. If the T-shirt is of good quality, it will last longer. In this way fewer transport times and raw materials are needed, which is good for everyone in the long term. That is why our white T-shirts are made of high-quality cotton that have a BCI certificate (link). And to really make a difference, all our white T-shirts are produced at a CO2 neutral production location. This means that no CO2 is emitted from the delivery to our workshop of the raw material up to the actual T-shirt. That is better for you and better for the planet.

The model and fit of My White T-shirts

Everyone wears white undershirts in their own way. What we do agree on is that you shouldn’t really feel a white T-shirt. That’s why every seam, every stitching and every ratio has been carefully considered. As a result, our T-shirts always have the ideal fit.

You can choose from semi body fit or slim fit. Our Original T-shirt is semi body fit, so that the T-shirt fits tightly to your body. This is created by a natural stretch that we have managed to create without the use of artificial materials. Do you prefer a white slim fit T-shirt? Then order our Premium T-shirt. This T-shirt is fitted around your body so that you have more freedom of movement but the wearing comfort remains maximum. Here you can view all our white slim fit T-shirt (category page slim fit T-shirt)

In addition to a round neck and V-neck, our premium T-shirt is also available with a deep V-neck.

Extra long white T-shirts

When you wear a white T-shirt, there is nothing more annoying than it coming out of your pants. That is why all our T-shirts are extra long as standard. Because the T-shirt is more likely to crawl out of the back of your pants than at the front, all our T-shirts have an extended back. This way you have the advantages of an extra long T-shirt, but no excess fabric at the front.
The range of My White T-shirts
Original t-shirts

Fabric: 100% cotton T-shirt
Fit: Semi Body fit T-shirt

Premium t-shirts

Fabric: T-shirt of 93% Cotton and 7% Elastane
Fit: Slim fit T-shirt

In addition to our extra long T-shirts, our collection also includes boxer shorts for men. With our Original boxer shorts we go back to basics: maximum wearing comfort. One boxer shorts is often even more special than the other and the choice is huge. And that is not the case with us. We designed boxer shorts that always ensure the perfect fit, so that you feel at home in your boxer shorts. And because you no longer have to think about the type of boxer shorts, only the color and size is up to you. Watch it here. ‘

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