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T-shirts V-neck

Discover our collection of V-neck T-shirts or find your ideal T-shirts in 2 steps with our fitfinder.

V neck T-shirts

V neck T shirts are for men who like to keep their white T-shirt hidden under their shirt or polo. A V-neck T-shirt is for instance ideal when you want to wear an extra button open, without the T-shirt standing out. A T-shirt under a sweater or shirt is a must for many men if it is not already standard. A T-shirt has several advantages. A T-shirt absorbs sweat and prevents unpleasant spots. An undershirt also gives off warmth. It reflects your body heat, which makes your body lose less energy. As the icing on the cake, a T-shirt keeps your shirt from touching your body and makes sure your clothes stay fresh and beautiful longer. Not convinced about our V-neck T-shirts yet? Feel free to read on.

V neck T shirts for men

The V-neck T-shirts of My White T-shirts provide comfort at all times. We have used only the best materials and our V-neck T-shirts have an ideal fit. Every detail has been thought over so that there is only one thing that counts: wearing comfort. The V-neck T-shirts are made of 100% American cotton, 100% hoog quality BCI cotton or with a small percentage of elastane. So the choice is yours. Our collection consists of two V-neck T-shirts, the V-neck Prima T-shirt is body fit and the V-neck T-shirt Prominent slim fit.


The Prima T-shirt has a body fit and therefore prevents visible contours under your shirt. The combination of this fabric with a V-neck makes the T-shirt almost an invisible T-shirt. The T-shirts are made of 100% hoBCI cotton, which offers maximum quality and is more environmentally friendly than regular cotton.


The Epic T-shirt is made of 97% high-quality BCI cotton and 7% elastane. The T-shirt is the best T-shirt by years of experience. With a slim fit the T-shirt Premium fits neatly around your body and offers optimal comfort.

The T-shirts of mijnwittetshirts.nl

All T-shirts are standard extra long. The back is just a bit longer than the front. This way your T-shirt fits better in your trousers and you don’t have to worry about excess fabric at the front. Sustainable T-shirt round neck The use of raw materials for the production of our V-neck t-shirts has an impact on the earth. We are constantly working to reduce this impact. That is why all our V-neck T-shirts are produced in a Co2 neutral production facility. Our CO2 Neutral® label guarantees that we actively calculate, reduce and compensate for our local and global climate impact. In contrast to “greenwashing”, this certificate can only be obtained through serious climate efforts. The cotton that is processed in our T-shirts has a BCI certificate. BCI is the world’s largest non-profit organisation that is committed to making the cotton sector more sustainable. This certificate guarantees that water is used as efficiently as possible, that chemicals and pesticides are kept to a minimum and that the cotton producers receive fairer wages.


Buying white t-shirts should be fun. That is why we cover the shipping costs for each order. We are committed to minimize shipping time. Both in production and to you. That’s why you can get up to 20% discount with our volume discount. This way we reduce Co2 and you save money. Did we get you excited about the design and composition of our V-neck T-shirts? If you place your order before 3 p.m. on working days, it will be delivered the next working day.

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