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T-shirts for men

Almost every man wears it every day: a white T-shirt. The basis of almost every outfit. If you think about it, it is remarkable that we take a white T-shirt out of our closet without thinking about it, while we are a lot more picky about which shirt goes with which jeans and which belt goes with which shoes. And that is actually quite logical. After all, a white T-shirt is all about one thing: wearing comfort. Here we explain that our basic white t-shirts for men are actually not that basic at all.

The durability of our white T-shirts

Just as a white T-shirt is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a good style of clothing, durability is not the first thing that comes to mind either. And sustainability does not only have something to do with the country and the circumstances in which the white t-shirts are made but also with the Durabilitydurability of the T-shirt. If the shirt is of good quality it lasts longer. In this way less transport moments and raw materials are needed, which is good for everyone in the long run. That is why our white T-shirts are made of high quality cotton that has a BCI certificate (link). And to really make a difference all our white T-shirts are produced at a CO2 neutral production site. This means that from the delivery of the raw material to our workshop to the actual T-shirt no CO2 is emitted. That is better for you and better for the earth.

The model and fit of My White T-shirts

Everyone wears white undershirts in their own way. What we do agree on is that you shouldn’t really feel a white T-shirt. That is why every seam, every stitching and every ratio has been thought through thoroughly. This way our T-shirts always have the perfect fit.

You can choose between regular, body or slim fit. Our Prominent T-shirt is body fit, which means the T-shirt fits tight to your body. This is due to the natural stretch we have managed to create without the use of artificial materials. Do you prefer a white slim fit T-shirt? Then order our Epic T-shirt. This T-shirt is fitted around your body so you have more freedom of movement, but the comfort remains maximum. Check all our white slim fit T-shirt here (category page slim fit T-shirt)

Our Epic T-shirt is besides a round neck and V-neck also available with a deep V-neck.

Extra long white T-shirts

When you wear a white T-shirt there is nothing more annoying than it crawling out of your pants. That is why all our T-shirts are extra long by default. Since the T-shirt is more likely to creep out of the back of your trousers than the front, all our T-shirts have an extended back part. That way you have all the benefits of an extra long T-shirt, but no excess fabric in the front.

The range of My White T-shirts

T-shirt Prima

  • Stof: T-shirt van 100% katoen
  • Pasvorm: Regular fit T-shirt

T-shirt Prominent

  • Stof: T-shirt van 100% katoen
  • Pasvorm: Body fit T-shirt

T-shirt Episch

  • Stof: T-shirt van 93% Katoen en 7% elastaan
  • Pasvorm: Slim fit T-shirt

Naast onze extra lange T-shirts bestaat onze collectie ook uit boxershorts voor heren. Met onze Original boxershort gaan we terug naar de basis: maximaal draagcomfort. Vaak is de ene boxershort nog specialer dan de ander en de keuze is reuze. En dat is bij ons nou net niet het geval. We ontwierpen een boxershort die altijd zorgt voor de perfecte fit, zodat je je thuis voelt in je boxershort. En omdat je niet meer na hoeft te denken over het type boxershorts is alleen de kleur en maat nog aan jou. Bekijk hem hier.

Size Chart

Original Boxershort
SizeTaille (cm)Length (cm)