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T-shirt round neck Slim fit blue 2-Pack

The round neck Slim fit T-shirt blue is perfect as an undershirt. It is made of 93% high-quality cotton and 7% elastane. This gives the T-shirt more stretch and freedom of movement so you can wear it more comfortably.



40.00 per stuk


84.00 per stuk

30% discount

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The round neck Slim fit T-shirt blue is perfect as an undershirt. It is made of 93% hoquality cotton and 7% elastaan. This gives the T-shirt more stretch, which provides more freedom of movement so that the wearing comfort is maximum. The T-shirt is available with a round, deep or normal V-neck. The T-shirt is made of high quality BCI cotton. This makes the quality maximum and the impact on the earth smaller than normal cotton.

The T-shirt round neck Slim fit blue has a narrow border. There is nothing as annoying as a T-shirt with a round neck that starts to wrinkle after a while. Because this white T-shirt has a round neck with a narrow solid board and is double stitched, the board remains nice and tight. Even after frequent wear and washing. This round neck T-shirt is not the best in its class for nothing.

The T-shirt is extra long as standard. To make sure the T-shirt round neck Slim Fit black stays in your pants we made the back longer. We call this an extended back part. This eliminates excess fabric on the front of the T-shirt, but ensures that the T-shirt stays in place.


Our T-shirts are slim fit. Because the best quality T-shirts are also determined by their fit. The slim fit fit offers you comfort with maximum freedom of movement. Because the T-shirt is slim fit the T-shirt can be worn visible for a neat look.


The use of raw materials for the production of the T-shirt round neck Slim fit blue has impact on the earth. We find it important that the impact of the production of this T-shirt is as small as possible. That is why all our products are produced in a Co2 neutral production site.

Our CO2 Neutral® label guarantees that we actively calculate, reduce and compensate for our local and global climate impact. In contrast to “greenwashing”, this certificate can only be obtained through serious climate efforts. Our label has been validated by Vinçotte.


Buying black t-shirts has to stay fun. We go for minimizing transport moments. Both in production and to you. That is why you can get up to 20% discount with our volume discount. This way we reduce Co2 and you save money.

Order the T-shirt round neck Slim fit before 15:00 on working days and it will be delivered the next working day.

Product range

A nice boxershort is just as important as a comfortable T-shirt. Even though we are called My White T-shirts, boxer shorts are more than welcome. With the same good qualities as our T-shirts; just as comfortable and just as durable. Check out our Original Boxer short here. Available in two colours: grey or black.

V-Neck T-shirts

The Slim fit T-shirts is available with a V-neck. White V-neck T-shirts of the best quality for a distinguished look. Available in sizes S till 3XL

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In short:

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Maybe you recognize it: you have found your ideal T-shirt and decide to buy it. Only after a few days you notice that the sale has started. You are happy with your T-shirt, but you would have preferred to take advantage of the discount. And rightly so.

That’s why we don’t do sales. Our T-shirts are always the same price, everywhere. That’s why we reward you when you order several products at once. That way you save a lot of money and we can minimize our costs. This way, your T-shirt will remain unbeatable value for money.

3 X 2-packs or more = 30% discount

All combinations are possible. Also valid in combination with our boxer shorts.

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