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White T-shirt men

Are you looking for white T-shirt men? Then your search is complete. Our T-shirts are designed with 3 generations of experience and are composed by Dutch designers. This is how we managed to create a white T-shirt for men with an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

A white T-shirt under a sweater or shirt is very comfortable. But we probably don’t need to tell you that. What we do tell you is that the quality of the shirt often determines how comfortable it is. A T-shirt gives off warmth in the fall and winter, and prevents unpleasant sweaty spots when the weather gets warmer. When you start wearing T-shirts under your clothes you will probably never get rid of them again. There is a reason why a lot of men wear T-shirts under their clothes every day. That is why a lot of attention has been paid to our T-shirts.

The perfect fit

At My White T-shirts we see the white T-shirts for men as a second skin. This means that the fabric used to make the T-shirts has to be and stay comfortable and soft. Not only the material is of great importance for maximum comfort, but also the fit itself. We offer three different fits, namely regular fit, slim fit and body fit. This way you decide which white T-shirt suits you best.

Our white T-shirt men are standard extra long. This way the white T-shirt stays where it belongs, in your trousers

The right quality

To ensure the right quality, we only work with high quality materials. These materials do not only provide the right quality, but are also very durable. Our excellent T-shirt, which is already available from € 15.95 per 2-pack, has a BCI certificate. The use of BCI cotton has a positive impact on the earth. The BCI certificate that this T-shirt has, guarantees that water is used as efficiently as possible, that the cotton producers receive a fair reward and that as few chemicals and pesticides as possible are used.


We know you’re going to feel good in our T-shirts and boxer shorts. That’s why we created club mwts. A membership that means you never have to worry about buying new basics. You choose the product and the frequency, and we’ll take care of the rest. Joining a club sounds like a big step. That’s why we keep it flexible. Anytime. You can change, cancel or reactivate your subscription at any time.

Different variations of white T-shirt men

At My White T-shirts we offer three variations: the Prima T-shirt, the Prominent T-shirt and the Epic T-shirt. The products vary in fit, material and wearing comfort. It is up to you which white t-shirt for men suits you best. You can choose from round neck, V-neck, and even deep V-neck so that your undershirt is not visible.

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As mentioned before, with our subscription you don’t have to think about new bascis. For this we have created club MWTS. Choose how often and which products you want to receive and we will take care of the rest. Becoming a member of something often sounds like a decision you have to make deliberately. But our subscription is flexible. Always.


The production of our white t-shirts has an impact on the earth. We find it important to minimize this impact as much as possible. Therefore all our products are produced on a Co2 neutral production site.

Our CO2 Neutral® label guarantees that we actively calculate, reduce and compensate for our local and global climate impact. Unlike “greenwashing”, this certificate can only be obtained through serious climate efforts. Our label is validated by Vinçotte

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