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Basic T-shirts under a shirt

White T-shirts, a fashion item that really can’t be missed in your closet. It is an everyday item that can be worn as a top or under a shirt. There are several reasons to wear a shirt underneath a shirt. We’ll be happy to explain them to you. We also tell you about the do’s and dont’s of wearing a white t-shirt under a shirt. There are men out there who can still make a fashion mistake out of a white t-shirt, that’s why we like to help you out with basic t-shirts under a shirt!

T-shirt round neck front

T-shirt Prima

Regular fit & 100% cotton

€25.00 per 2-pack

T-shirt prominent

Body fit & 100% Cotton

€30.00 per 2-pack
T-shirt round neck prominent front
T-shirt round neck epic front

T-shirt epic

Slim fit & stretch

€35.00 per 2-pack

Why a T-shirt under a shirt?

Men often wear basic T-shirts under a shirt, but why? Everyone has their own reasons for wearing a shirt under a shirt, jacket, sweater or hoodie. The most common reason is the extra warmth that a shirt under a shirt brings. In the winter, it protects against the cold and a T-shirt is seen as a second skin. This way, your body doesn’t have to work as hard to keep itself warm. So the main reason why you wear a T-shirt under your shirt is for comfort. It is not for nothing that we say: comfort counts. Our T-shirts are soft to the touch and therefore considerably more comfortable than a shirt worn directly on your skin.

Besides a T-shirt, you can also wear a shirt underneath a shirt. A shirt underneath a shirt has no sleeves so you can be sure that nothing will show through your arms. Unfortunately we don’t offer a shirt for men, but we think it’s important that you choose the garment you feel comfortable in.

What are you looking at?

When it comes to wearing basic t-shirts under a shirt, there are a few things to keep in mind. Match the type of neckline to your outfit, make sure it fits your body and consider the length of the shirt and its color.

Neck type

If you wear a T-shirt under your shirt, it is important to take the neckline into account. The type of neckline is an important factor. Think about how you will wear your shirt, is it with a tie, then choose a round neck tee. Do you prefer to leave the top buttons open? Then we advise you to choose a T-shirt with a V-neck or a deep V-neck.

Also choose a good quality collar. With us, the collar cannot and will not flap because they are double-stitched. This way the collar doesn’t shine through in your shirt and it stays nice longer.

T-shirt length

T-shirt length also plays an important role when wearing a shirt under your shirt. A basic shirt under a shirt should be invisible and comfortable all day long. If your shirt is too short, it will creep out of your pants and irritate you all day. If your shirt is too long, you’ll see the bulges and contours through it.

This is where we came up with a solution: instead of making the whole t-shirt longer, we made the total t-shirt a little bit longer than a normal t-shirt, but the back still a little bit longer than the front. We call that an extended back. This way the t-shirt stays tucked in your pants and you don’t see it under your shirt.

Color basic T-shirts under a shirt

Are you planning to wear basic T-shirts under a shirt? Then take the colour into account. For instance, you can’t wear a blue colored T-shirt under a white shirt. It may sound obvious, but we can say it again. Make sure your shirt is a match for the T-shirt. So we suggest you go for basic white shirts that you can wear in any situation.

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