About us

More white T-shirts? Yes, there are. We thought it was all getting a bit too expensive. No matter how well our colleagues tell you, in the end a T-shirt is all about one thing: wearing comfort. There are web shops where you have to pay almost € 40,- for a – that is – ‘perfect T-shirt’. The common denominator is an enormous collection, white T-shirts with crazy V-necks, extra long T-shirts in 10 different sizes, and – nonsense – white T-shirts inspired by top couturiers. Downside: you pay the jackpot for a T-shirt that is meant to be worn under your shirt. Now, we’re not against slick or inspirational stories, but it has to be affordable.

With that goal in mind, we managed to design a T-shirt with an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

Every seam, every stitching and every size has been thought through with one aim in mind: to create maximum comfort. Our T-shirts are pre-washed to minimize shrinkage and are extra long as standard so they fit well.

We call it: only the best, without ruining the price

The only way to achieve this is through our designers. They have been working with this specific product for 60 years and therefore know exactly what is right. Not only for you, but also for the earth. That’s why all our products are produced at a Co2 neutral production site. In this way we go the extra mile. In price, sustainability and quality

Size Chart

Original Boxershort
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